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Ariel Jacqueline Lauren Boutette

"There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and
lets the future in."

(Graham Greene)

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Ariel was born Dec.11/98 in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada,  without eyes- a rare condition known as Bi-lateral Anophthalmia - and with other medical problems. Her first year has been an endless series of visits to doctors, medical tests and surgery. An MRI scan in March 1999 confirmed that Ariel had no eyes, but also showed she had a tethered spine, a backwards aorta and a sequestered lung. In June she had surgery on her spine. On February 1, 2000 Ariel underwent surgery to expand her eye sockets
in London, Ontario. The operation went well and thanks to her Mom and Dad we have added a few pics of Ariel taken after the surgery.
There are still more surgeries in Ariel's future!

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A visit with Ariel in 2000
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A new pic of Ariel!

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