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Jerry Alfred CD Raffle for Ariel

(C) 1998 Jerry Alfred,a Tutchone Musiscian,who was nominated for a NAMMY 1999-SOCAN -Donated by Bea

Winner will be drawn and posted on March. 1,2000


Please buy a chance!!


The songs on this CD are:

1) Stick Gambling Rock 2)Come to me 3)Medicinae Conflict 4)Spring 5)Crow Song 6)The Other Side 7)Minto Gambling Song 8)Kehlonn 9)Tatlamun 10)As I Speak 11)Hay a nah 12)Grouse Dance(13)Prayer Song


Help Ariel and buy a chance for $2.00. Please make your checks/money orders payable to:

Ariel's Fund

and make sure to write contribution on the bottom of the check or money order. Please mail to:

Ariel's Place CD Raffle

C/O Joni and Rose

P.O Box 457

Mexia, Alabama 36458

Please help this beautiful child who was born without eyes!  The last day of this raffle is February 28, 2000. The winner will be listed on the public board of the community and our ES Site. 

About Ariel

E-mail Rose at or Joni @ with any concerns or questions. Thank you all for participating!

Person's Name E-mail Address Ticket Number Cost Check/M.O. Rec'd. Y/N
Rose CD1001 2.00  
Rose CD1002 2.00  
Guy Randall CD1003 2.00  
Jennifer Temple CD1004 2.00  
Jennifer Temple CD1004 2.00  
    CD1006 2.00  
    CD1007 2.00  
    CD1008 2.00  
    CD1009 2.00  
    CD1010 2.00  
    CD1011 2.00  
    CD1012 2.00  
    CD1013 2.00  
    CD1014 2.00  
    CD1015 2.00  
    CD1016 2.00  
    CD1017 2.00  
    CD1018 2.00  
    CD1019 2.00  







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